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Updated: Jun 18, 2020

These are the books that have made me question our relationship to stuff, how and why we consume and the impact of all of this on our planet.

Stuffocation by James Wallman

The book that started it all. Deep down I knew that the clothes crowding my wardrobe and the boxes arriving from Amazon weren’t doing what they promised - making my life more convenient and fulfilled. And yet, like many, I kept on buying. It was enlightening to see how mass production changed the trajectory of our world and that there were many people experimenting with less and choosing experiences over material possessions.

Simplicious by Sarah Wilson

The book that had me ditching cling wrap, and washing and reusing my foil and baking paper. I also began to find value in things I had previously seen as disposable - hello ziplock bags! And learned to eat my leftovers. Thanks, Sarah.

Less Stuff by Lindsay Miles

The book that turned me into a person who thinks about where our belongings end up when we no longer need them. This led me to experiment with repairing and repurposing my belongings, start a Buy Nothing group, and to ask myself ‘Do I really need this?’.

Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

The book that gave me the freedom to reclaim my solitude from our ever more consuming online world, and spend more time reflecting on what the questions important to me - finding out why we have so much stuff? And what can we do about it?

A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy by Sarah Lazarovic

The book that took me right back to where my material consumption began - the Nineties. And reinforced that just because something is pretty and we can afford it, doesn’t mean we have to buy it. The illustrations are joyful and the descriptions made me laugh. Check out Sarah's 'The Buyerachy of Needs' for inspiration taming those unnecessary purchases.

Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale by Adam Minter

The book that showed me how our excess consumption is reverberating around the world. And how our desire for cheaper and cheaper goods is killing second had markets. Have you ever wondered where the stuff you donate ends up?

The Conscious Closet by Elizabeth L Cline

The book that delves into the HUGE question of what it means to have a conscious closet. The clothes we wear have massive environmental consequences and not just at the manufacturing stage. How many times we wear a garment, how we dispose of it, what it's made of and our obsession with washing all contribute to the effect on our planet. I'm working on washing less - a challenge with small children.

The Less Fuss, Less Waste Kitchen by Lindsay Miles

The book I'm reading at the moment...stay tuned!

All book titles are linked to the author's websites. Don't forget libraries are a free resource in most places and a great way to participate in a sharing economy!

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